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It’s going to be a while

Hang in there fella, it’s going to be a while…….

Copying files the long way

Sure hope the power doesn’t go out

Please call Cisco and explain the difference between MB and GB, PLEASE!

So Cisco Unified Video Advantage. It sounds like it might be cool, but I can’t get passed the installer….

42MB > 32GB

42MB > 32GB Gawdidt?

Guess I better go free up 11 gigabytes of disk space so I can install this piece of garbage. It’s just a hunch but I bet this is a real wonderful piece of software perfection. I bet I’ll only have to open 3 or 4 TAC cases in order to get it to partially work only to find out in the end it’s not supported on our hardware. But if we sit around and hope long enough Cisco might release a firmware upgrade that will at least make it partially functional…. Just great…..


Attempt to update to iOS5 Day 1

I really have nothing to say about this, the picture really sums it all up.

Breaking news: Apple’s software sucks too!

Look Apple’s software sucks and is just as annoying as every other software manufacturer.

Screw you Apple! I only run this software so I can sync music with your phone I pay you to use. Yes I said your phone because after the last 800 page EULA I’m not sure if I actually own anything anymore. I started to fall asleep around page 600 or so of the agreement but I thought I read something about agreeing to being an indentured servant or something?

Here install this crap!

Here install this crap!

I like the iPhone, can’t deny it but, I can’t stand iTunes. It’s fat, bloated and slow! (Although, I can relate, actually.) No matter how hard a person tries it’s inevitable, you will end up with Quicktime installed. I despise Quicktime. I’ve despised it since Windows 95!  I HATE it, it’s terrible! If you need a media player check out VLC or Media Player Classic nice, small, fast, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY they don’t try to take over your computer.

To the right you can see proof of the virus that is iTunes. Look you dickheads I only want iTunes, I don’t want Quicktime, I don’t want MobileMe and I certainly don’t want that pile of steaming Elephant dung you call a browser. Sweet idea calling it Safari, that will certainly throw everyone off! People will never realize it’s actually an Elephant turd! Sure Safari is fine on a phone, but for the love of God DO NOT make me run it on my computer! The last thing I want is the web browser equivalent of a $10 Hamilton Beach toaster! Even on my Mac I don’t use it EVER!

Ughh NO!

Ughh NO!

Seriously if I really wanted to drink more Apple Kool-Aid I would install this garbage myself I don’t need you to try and push it on me like a dope dealer, so shove off! Stop checking these boxes by default! The last thing I want is to wake up in the morning after some binge drinking and find I installed Safari! The only thing I can think of that could possibly be worse would be waking up drunk, naked and next to Bette Midler!

Reboot now? Seriously?

Reboot now? Seriously?


You’re not serious are you? A reboot? Really? A REBOOT? A REBOOT for an update to a glorified music player? Oh hell! I’ll be back I have to go reboot!