Adobe Premier 2019

Creative Cock - Suck IT!
Creative Cock – Suck IT!

Since Adobe has bought up and and discontinued pretty much every other software company that made video or graphic programs on the PC, I thought I would have a few drinks, try and relax, and attempt to use some of this fucking garbage software they make. So first up Premier Pro 2019 latest version as of 9/20/2019. In typical Adobe fashion the workflow so far is a fucking unintuitive nightmare. It’s like it was written by a committee that was too busy shooting meth and licking each others assholes then actually creating a usable piece of software. This shit is so convoluted and absolutely fucked they had to cut it out into 2 additional products. Oh use prelude to import and mark footage, oh and for basic editing you should use Rush. Well it’s a good thing my company ponies up and sucks the Adobe Creative Cock every month so I have access to the additional bullshit you need just to do some basic shit. I mean at least they admit it, here Premier is so fucked use this other application until you’re ready to start sucking the big one!

So here I sit with a latest gen I7, 32gb of ram, and 2TB of SSD. Fresh new install of Windows 10 64bit. Yea, yea it’s not a Xeon based machine, but I’m poor and I’m not exactly trying to create the next Star Wars film. I’m just trying to edit some fucking GoPro footage. Anyhow this fucking shit software won’t import a fucking 5mb MP4. It fucking crashes every fucking time I try.

I’ve seen this at least 10 times now in the first 30 minutes of using Premier. FUCK YOU!

Everything else plays the file fine. VLC, Windows movie player, the GoPro Qic software, Media Player Classic, they all work, but not this huge pile of shit Adobe Premier Pro. It should be called Premier Total Bullshit! I first tried importing 8 clips I had about 600mb of video, that crashed. Then tried them one at a time, oh crashes on the 3rd video. Hmm 3rd file seems fine no issues. Nope won’t import. Hmm 4,5,6 import fine, 7 and 8, fucked. It makes no sense it was all shot on the same camera on the same day, on the same memory card. So I went out of my way and did an MD5 comparison of the original files and my copies, yep all the same, fuck.

I don’t know what else to say, in case I haven’t mentioned it, the software is a fucking pile of shit! First impression right off the bat, the software is total fucking garbage, fuck Adobe, Fuck Premier. That’s it I’m calling it a fucking night maybe I’ll try again tomorrow fuck! How is grandma supposed to see her darling grandson when this fucking software won’t do basic shit without crashing. Fuck you Adobe, you’re fucking up grandmas day, dicks!

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