Monthly Archives: July 2018

Images in email signature

Should you put images in your email signature? This is a much discussed topic and people have very differing opinions on this for several different reasons. There is also the discussion of how exactly is the best way you should go about doing this, should you embed the image into the email or should you use hosted images? There are different advantages and disadvantages to each method. Here we will discuss the method I prefer in detail so you will understand the best method to use in order to achieve this.

First lets discuss the best method and why it’s the best method. The best method is don’t fucking do it! Stop putting your stupid motherfucking logos in your goddamned fucking email you pretentious fuck! No body gives a flying fuck! I don’t give a shit about what bullshit fucking certification you paid a bunch of money for and sat your fat fucking donut eating ass in class room so you could memorize enough bullshit to pass some worthless fucking exam so that some stupid asshole HR director thinks they should hire you. I also do not give a fuck about the fact you are the Chief Clown Cocksucker. I don’t need to see it in every fucking email transaction that takes place. There is nothing worse then seeing some fucking clown faced shit brained ass hat with an image in their signature indicating all of their worthless bullshit Microsoft, Cisco, Google Certified fuck bucket bullshit they paid for that you have to look at every motherfucking time you reply to their dumb ass fucking emails in regards to basic networking bullshit like how the fuck does DNS work? Really you can’t fucking handle DNS?? Go kill yourself!!!