Monthly Archives: February 2024

Give me back my domain!

So like 4 years ago this domain expired. Somehow it was not set to auto-renew. Some Chinese company grabbed the expired domain in hopes I’d pay big money for it. Jokes on them, this domain doesn’t make me any money, so the site just sat dormant. In the meantime, I played the long game, set a yearly calendar reminder to check expiration. Well guess what. They finally decided to not renew this year! HAHA SUCKERS!! That said let the bitching begin!

Since the last post almost 5 years ago was bitching about Adobe we might as well start there! I launched Premier a few days ago and I get this splash screen about cool new features. One of them being about new animated titles. Well I know how those work but thought I’d check it out. Oh look, it includes lots of awesome “free” stuff with my subscription! Oh look no “free” stuff. Even if it worked the claim that it is “free” is also complete bullshit, free if you’re sucking the Creative Cock each month!! (Please note: someone else does the sucking for me each month. If I had to do it I’d have already switch to DaVinci resolve. Which I may do anyways because fuck Adobe!)

After some searching the most common suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall. Really? I fucking hate you Adobe, I really do. Just like I need to reboot after updates to Acrobat. I honestly think one of the biggest reasons Adobe went to the subscription model is because they no longer have the ability to release actual stable working versions of their software that could be sold as a product release. So they’ve convinced users their shit software just needs one more update and it’s on it’s way! You know, because you have a subscription to their bullshit!!!! Oh well, off to waste more life trying to be productive with worthless shit software!