I hate you Adobe, I really do.

Yea I know what all you Adobe Creative Cloud dicks are saying, why is he still running CS4? Doesn’t he know it’s all about the Creative Cloud? Well you guys just keep on paying and sucking that Adobe cock on a monthly basis and I’ll just keep on running this old shit that still does 100% of what I need and spend that money on steak and beer. So anyhow, I am actually trying to upgrade to CS5, which is also paid for, won’t cut into my steak budget, and does not require me to get on my knees and suck the Adobe cock on a monthly basis. Hence why I’m attempting to run the uninstaller. I guess I should just reinstall Windows, that will probably be easier. Besides I’m sure uninstalling and then upgrading Acrobate will certainly fuck up Internet Explorer and will result with IE crashing EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME you click on a PDF file. And after weeks of frustration with it and hours spent searching phrases like, why the fuck is Adobe Acrobate such a piece of shit? or why is Adobe Acrobate STILL the worst fucking piece of software ever written?

Fuck you Acrobat

What the fuck am I supposed to be seeing below?

I’m sure at this point some of you are about to say, what the hell, this asshole can’t even spell Acrobat. No, no, I know how it’s spelled, I just prefer Acrobate. It forewarns you that trying to get this shitty software to work right, is just about as productive as jerking off all fucking day!


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