Who is the dick at Microsoft that decided properties needed a change?

Seriously who is the evil bastard behind this? I want their direct phone number so I can call and scream at this person every time I click on properties and not printer properties. I mean why do you dicks feel it necessary to move things around in a menu? It’s not like you changed any core functionality, it doesn’t work any differently, it doesn’t do anything that it didn’t do before, you didn’t do away with the menu. No you wouldn’t do that you just decided to change the order, you prick bastards!

Windows 95 printer properties.
This is where it started over 17 years ago.



Since Windows 95 the properties item in the menu has been in the same place why would you change it?



Windows 98 Printer Settings!

Look Windows 98 it’s in the same place!





Well I was going to post a picture of the Windows ME printer properties but it seems even the Internet has chosen to try and forget about that turd but trust me it was in the SAME PLACE!!








Windows XP Printer Properties!

Look XP It’s STILL in the same place!!

Now that brings us to the best OS Microsoft has ever created Windows XP. I’m not going to argue that Windows 7 is light years above Windows XP because it is but XP is still in VERY wide use almost 11 years after it’s release. It took Microsoft 2 complete OS versions before they could write an OS that has begun to replace XP. I still see XP workstations everyday. So still to this day XP in my book is/was MS’s most successful OS.




And Finally here is the abomination.

Windows 7 and Vista Printer Properties!
Properties isn’t properties anymore Dorothy!


Yep there it is. Look at that the new and improved menu. Do you have any idea how many times I have clicked on the last item in that menu? Only to be presented with a properties window that is completely worthless when it comes to configuring a printer.

Never ONCE have I ever found any useful information about a printer when clicking properties in Windows 7 or Vista. Why is this even there? The window that it opens does nothing! NOTHING!!! It’s completely worthless!



Seriously, what the fuck are these for?


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